Ant control

Human food and food remnants, pet food, crumbs and sweet things are only a few things that are very enticing to ants, leading them to your house or property.


Ants enter through crevices, cracks, and openings found on your walls, floors, doors, and windows. For that reason, it is very important to always keep food in tightly closed containers and seal all cracks and openings that could serve as entry-ways for ants.

When food scraps or crumbs are lying around your home or business, they are a great target for ants.

Another reason that your house gets infested by ants is the presence of ant nests inside your house or within your immediate surroundings.

Wooden fixtures saturated by water from leaks in the house are a great target for them as well. Ants live on the ground or on the soil surface as well as rotten wood. They live in colonies; where you spot a small mound of dirt on the ground. One main characteristic of ants is their ability to leave pheromone trails to be followed by other ants.

Ants that actually establish a nest inside your property, instead of merely entering to forage for food and returning outdoors, may be present year-round, although they will be more active in the warmer months.

In the spring ants will develop wings and fly to new locations to invade homes to forage for food or to establish a new nest. Ant infestations can be difficult to eradicate if not treated properly.

Apex Property Solutions uses different techniques and multiple treatments to achieve good ant control.

We will also leave you with a comprehensive report and recommendations on housekeeping, proofing, and exclusion to help eradicate and control ants.

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