Bird control

A bird problem presents a variety of issues for residential, commercial and industrial properties alike, including waste/mess issues, sanitation issues and safety issues.


Bird control comes with difficulties and temporary failure to control them is quite common.

Birds can clog drains and gutters, damage goods by pecking and soiling with their droppings. They can make a building look very untidy ecstatically and create a very unpleasant environment when over-populated.

Bird infestations also encourage a range of other pests. These include blowflies and house flies, beetles, fleas and mites. The most important part of any treatment is to locate, treat and remove all nesting materials from the property.

There are a wide range of bird proofing options that can be applied for successful bird control such as bird spike and bird netting. However, the choice of treatment can only be determined by carrying out a thorough inspection and understanding the needs of the customer.

We all can agree that in the proper surroundings birds enhance the surroundings. However, when they adapt to unnatural surroundings and invade buildings and public spaces in cities, they become a pest by causing serious damage to buildings and carrying diseases dangerous to both domestic animals and humans.

Apex Property Solutions has a wide range of products and services to help control birds from nesting or perching on buildings with years of experience in bird proofing.

Successful bird control requires detailed knowledge and extensive experience in behaviour and nesting patterns of birds. Apex Property Solutions will give you a comprehensive recommendation to help exclude birds where applicable and advice on how to proof your surroundings to prevent birds from inhabiting.

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