Cockroach control

Not only are cockroaches unsightly, and sometimes very large, they can carry pathogens of 40-50 diseases, making them a risk to your household and those nearby.


Cockroaches are hitchhikers on people and possessions and pose a serious health risk as German cockroaches can carry pathogens of some 40-50 diseases. In multi-family dwellings, they can also easily travel from unit to unit through walls, ceilings, floors, vents, plumbing, and wiring. They also travel in on second-hand furniture and appliances. In rare instances, newly purchased items such as groceries can act as a carrier. While German cockroaches can survive outdoors temporarily, this is not common for prolonged periods of time. They only occasionally travel from one free-standing house to another.

Good basic sanitation can not only prevent a roach infestation but also significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment. Cockroach infestations can be difficult to eradicate if not treated properly.

Cockroaches thrive on food such as trash, dirty dishes, and leftover grease, as well as residues from toothbrushes and dish sponges. They can even survive through cannibalism, eating cockroach faeces and exoskeletons.

The German roach prefers the kitchen, especially tight crevices.

Their preferred hiding spots are hinges of cabinet doors, the upper interior corners of cabinets, underneath sinks and refrigerators, and behind walls. Near these hiding spots, you may see their fecal pellets that closely resemble coffee grounds or ground pepper.

The German cockroach will also hide in pedestrian door hinges, between baseboards and floors, and the joint where the ceiling and wall meet. Additionally, you may find them inside any electronic device or appliance, between warm plugged-in transformers and their outlets, and computers.

The season of cockroach activity will depend on which species you are dealing with.

German Cockroaches will live inside homes, restaurants, and buildings so they will be a year-round issue. Many other types of cockroaches usually reside outside finding their way in, so when various weather changes happen you can have an influx of activity.

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