Textile pests

Textile pests take up residence anywhere there is fabric or other textiles, often eating their way through the fibres, creating holes and damage.


There are a number of textile pests which will attack clothing and furnishings in the home. They fall into two basic categories: moths and beetles.

Due to the industrial moth-proofing of carpets, the threat of damage by moths has reduced markedly, but they can still be found in older houses where carpets have not been treated. However, the incidence of beetle varieties has increased due to the installation of central heating and wall-to-wall carpeting in many modern houses. There are many species of textile pest, but we shall concentrate on the most common types: clothes moth, the varied carpet beetle, and the fur beetle.

In all cases, it is not the adult, but the larval form of the textile pests that causes damage. It is, therefore, appropriate to describe the appearance of both the adult and the larva.

Textile pests can cause a considerable amount of damage to many fabrics. The adult insect does not feed, but the larvae will chew their way through the fibres of carpets and clothing causing clean irregular holes.

In feeding, they show a preference for textiles of an animal origin including carpet, woollens, skins, and furs. However, they will damage other fabrics by simply biting through and discarding the fibres without consuming them.

In a heavily infested home, they may be found anywhere where there are carpets or woolens etc.

he larvae are commonly found in dark undisturbed places such as beneath furniture, inside cupboards, in drawers, and in airing cupboards. The adults are attracted to light and tend to be found on window sills and around lamp shades. Infestations of the varied carpet beetle and the fur beetle often originate from old birds’ bests in a loft space and then spread through the home by following hot water pipes etc.

Textile pests are very hardy and can adapt themselves to almost any conditions and locations.

Due to the modernisation of our homes creating the perfect breeding environment due to home heating solutions and a variety of fabrics.

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